Lately, I’m torn on whether to make known my identity.

When I first started this blog, I never had intent to give more information about myself.  Only wanting to share my experiences to help others in their journey of faith.

Does sharing identify help or does it change focus to look at me and see me instead of my life story?  Because if you were to see a picture of me, you may not see that I have had the life I had or have now.

From this blog, I also maintain an Instagram account.  It gives a quick feed to what is happening in your blog or just simple insights.  Without intending it to be, it has brought a community I had no idea existed.  I receive much encouragement from it, as well as, I learn more about the faith that what I thought could be possible from this social media.

Honestly, revealing does have to do with the issue of confidence for me.  Something I’ve struggled with all my life.  The rejection, people misconstruing your intentions with pride, the pressure to portray who you truly are.  The Instagram account wasn’t meant to fit a mold with other Catholic women, which I think (at times) accounts appears to show.  I’m not saying it shouldn’t because I think it does benefit some.  For me, the account is to express my faith in many areas of how I practice it.

For now, I think I will leave my account the way it is.  I enjoy it and love to share. If it is fit for me to reveal, for a circumstance or situation , I will decide at that time.  Until then, I’m thankful for those who follow this blog and Instagram account.



4 thoughts on “Reveal”

  1. It’s a good question. I think ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are both correct answers: depending on what a writer thinks is valid.

    Your reasons for keeping your personal identity away from this blog seem valid. I certainly would not urge you to change your mind – or *not* change your mind.

    What follows will be my reasons for choosing another option. It may be useful, or not.

    When I started blogging, I decided to identify myself: to the extent of giving my name, marital and family status, location (central Minnesota), and using that ‘eye’ avatar. That was a ‘correct’ decision for me, I think.

    I did not expect to write a “typical Catholic” blog, or be an average Catholic blogger. Such things may exist, at least as statistical entities, but I’ve seen such a broad range that I suspect there are few examples of either.

    One reason I had for using my personal identity was to avoid being another anonymous online voice. Another is that I no longer look for work, and have no other reason to keep my head down.

    Letting readers know my name and a few other details about me may, I hope, lend credence to the idea that I am sincere about what I say – – – and willing to let others know who it is who holds the opinions.

    I’ve been told that I will burn in everlasting hellfire because I don’t agree with a reader – but not often. I don’t take such proclamations seriously, except as an individual’s opinion. I am much more concerned about God’s opinion, and that’s another topic.


  2. I feel like I already know you a little bit, catholicandchocolate, through your Instagram posts and this blog. It didn’t occur to me until I read this that I can’t put a name and face with your writing persona like I can with other Catholic bloggers or Instagrammers. Ha! I didn’t really give a lot of thought to slapping up my face and name on my blog because when I started it, I was moving something I used to call Reflections off of Facebook and onto WordPress and all of my friends and family knew that. What I didn’t expect – and as you point out in your post – was how awesome it would be to find so many great Catholics on social media. I enjoy reading everyone’s IG postings – maybe about what their mass takeaway was, or, even just the endearing photos they post of the fam all doing fam kinds of stuff. Or those who are traveling to holy lands and posting photos of places that I have been or want to go to! That’s been a truly unexpected joy these last few months. One way or another, what you reveal is certainly up to you. There might come a day when you do want to reveal it for some reason. God will likely let you know if that’s the case.

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    1. Agreed! I love the accounts I follow. Your blog and special writing! I’m not good at it, I just share what I feel. However way our Lord wants it to help someone, I’m grateful! We’ll see what happens! Until then, our Lord is shining upon your ministry the way you are choosing to use it!! It’s great!!!


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