Lately, I’ve been finding myself analyzing…everything!  Partly due to the fact, that at this time, my mom who I love and care for is now under the care of my sister.  Not permanent, but our commitment in giving each other shared responsibility.

Being in solitude is the gift that keeps on giving. Such as thinking, analyzing, contemplating.

Right now, I’m reading the book by Robert Cardinal Sarah on “The Power of Silence.” What I have learned is that I need to train myself in being silent. Steady. Still. Because all I’ve done so far, isn’t digging the whole.  It’s only been kicking the dirt.

A little frustrated I feel.  But I know I shouldn’t be. That’s just me.  I know prayer life isn’t about perfection, but in a sense I feel like I lost time all this time.  However, His grace is abundant.  And I know fully, that once I give better obedience, my heart and soul will be given richness I didn’t have before.

But in the beginning stages, I can’t help that in those moments where I am putting into practice, silence, I get consumed with areas in my life that I’m continually letting go of control that I didn’t have in the first place.

The book, “The Power of Silence”, fills you with the benefits of practicing silence. The importance of the time devoted to God. The breathing into your soul that can only be done if you quiet yourself and be still.

I know I have much to work on. I’ve developed myself for so long to be content in how I approach prayer. Here’s hoping I get started soon!

And before I end, can I just say how much Cardinal Sarah gives a one, two, punch! He teaches you as if you’re riding a roller coaster, a fun one.

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