Election Part II

Now that I begin to write this, I thought to myself I should’ve written it before the election, but here it goes.

I was a registered Republican. Up until this presidency, I felt my Catholic views were supported with integrity and some trust under the republican party. I did vote for Trump in 2016. Much to do with the Pro Life laws. I was a counselor at at Crisis Pregnancy Center. My husband and I financially support several Life Pregnancy centers and I do what I can to show it’s my cause. In 2016, I remember barely marking off the circle on the ballot because it caused me much distress that everything else about the candidate was not whom I preferred. But I did it. Because all in my ear coming from the pulpit and other faith sources, is that we have to vote for Trump.

Throughout the years of Trump’s presidency, I prayed like we are called to do. Even during the times, where I couldn’t understand his actions, I would refer to the things he would do that did seem good for our country. Regardless, if my family and friends around me, who are mainly Democrat, wanting him out of office.

And at the same time, as his presidency carried on, I more and more could see I wasn’t Democrat either. I went through this because I wondered if my affiliation was changing. I had always supported many forms of Democratic legislation throughout past years. But because of the definition of marriage, pro-choice, etc, I could never fully become a Democrat.

As time moved on, I began to see many Senators not voicing their opposition to Trump. Not in the way Senator John McCain would. Then we heard the awful rants Trump made about McCain. And still not much backbone was shown by them. Their response left me just as infuriated as well. If they stood up to him, maybe Trump’s demeanor, responses, behavior, could’ve changed and helped him to leave a solid mark in the history of the presidency. But instead his ego was protected. He often said what he thought, no matter if it was the right thing to do, and people just saw that as strong charcter.

There were many accomplishments he did make that I can see – trade wars, Israel, talks with North Korea, jobs pulled back into our country, religious freedom, supreme court justices. Now I’m never solid in these convictions and don’t ever mind listening to others opinions, but these are some of his achievements, I can see as commendable.

There were for sure times where I would defend Trump when I would hear him give an answer to the media and then they would twist it.

There were other times when he could’ve done more about like gun control, fully ending Planned Parenthood funding, and immigration reform.

At times, when he could rally up the country, he would do something that left many choosing for themselves an emotional outcome. Like with racial tension.

Then coming to the election, he already started placing the seed about fraud. Telling people that if he doesn’t win, it’s most likely because of fraud. This scared me because never have I heard this as a tactic from any past presidential candidates. And I definitely didn’t hear any strides the GOP made to ensure fraud could not happen before this election.

As a country, we have to look forward from this and then work on proper protocols so that safeguards are in place with full knowledge for the country on how ballot counting is done.

As a Catholic, this outcome shows me that some held this election like an idol. It boggles my mind that any Catholic could think that either party, holds the Church’s teachings perfectly. They never will. So, how can one have such allegiance to it and not hold their faith beliefs first towards their brother/sister, stranger, neighbor first?

One of my first thoughts after Biden won, was to tweet out to the Republican party, Lindsay Graham, etc., asking them to get back to the party who they were. To gain the ground again, so that people like me, or other Christians/Catholics, whomever, who had such high regard for the party, is not hijacked by a personality, that causes it to seem more about the person, than the legislation.

2 thoughts on “Election Part II”

  1. No matter who is President, Jesus Chris is King. I feel much the same way as you do. I do subscribe to the belief that there is one, predominant issue for Catholics when voting, and that is the protection of life, especially in the unborn. It does not mean I don’t appreciate myriad issues that you have raised here, but, they do not outweigh that one. There will never be a “perfect” candidate for President because they are all politicians and that governs the way they think. Faith in God and the Catholic teachings we hold to be Truth are the only path forward. We cannot know His ways. We don’t know the future, but He does, and we know Christ wins the final battle. That’s the most I can think about right now.

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