Three days after Election Tuesday and we still do not know who is our President.

Needless to say, tensions are high all over the U.S. It’s even made more visible on social media. However, as I go out to do errands and such, I do not find it to be the case, which is good.

At this time, Arizona, the state I live in, still has not cleared for officials to call the vote complete. Arizona has always voted red (Republican), but we still do not know since it appears could go blue (Democrat).

I’m feeling a bit fatigued with the President’s actions in that I feel he is only agitating and causing fear. The negative rants and worldly views get to me. Because it’s in me to truth seek. To defend truth. To feel as though it’s my duty and responsibility to stamp out the fires. And the actions keep adding another layer.

Things like watching fellow Catholics going after each other condemning some that they are not Catholic because they voted for Biden, some asking the faithful to pray that the outcome changes and goes to Trump, some showing that their fellowship and communion only applies if Trump wins. Some sharing conspiracy theories and don’t even recognize what they’re doing because they don’t see it as conspiracy.

It’s sad to see many of the faithful and other Christians, fall into manipulation instead of keeping their eyes fixed on Christ. Some very well known and prominent figures Catholic and Christian, talk show hosts, priests, pushing on their followers to see the corruption being had and the result being voter fraud. It’s not that I don’t believe there isn’t some voter fraud, but I also believe there always has been. But the agitators and schemers, do their thing to trip up the faithful and cause doubt. That’s all they have to do.

How do they not see what this creates in our country? How do they not see if the result isn’t peace, then why support it? I get it not all Christian life is only lived in peace, but when there is something to stand up and fight against, it’s because it is truly good and defense for God.

If I allow it, this whole thing can take over my emotions and cause me to be angry with my fellow brethren. Angry that they would follow the march of anyone instead of Christ and His Church. It’s as if the fervor to put their candidate in place is more important than maintaining Christian unity, any unity. Common good.

I get it. I get that the Republican party carries positions that uphold Catholic beliefs (marriage, family, anti-abortion, freedom of religion). All that I will always defend. Evangelize about. Support. But our democracy, allows the constitutional right to vote. Results may not always favor that. For me, if Biden gets into office, means I have work to do.

I have a uneasiness every time I turn on TV or go to social media, because it pains me that people will lose themselves over an election than to proclaim Christ. Who is Christ? What did he ask us to do?

The manipulator is at work. Desires chaos. Desires reckoning. Desires division. Why are my fellow brothers and sisters NOT seeing this first? What are we willing to sacrifice that could be more important than our identity in Christ?

For those who want to say to me that they have zeal for the Lord and will fight to make sure there is protection on the Right to Life, Marriage, and Religious Freedom, and continue to support the recounting and lawsuits until a final approved result is given, at what point are you going to identify your focus is misdirected? The world and outside voices will always have something to say. We can’t control them, but we can control what we can in our families, neighborhoods, legislation, and future votes. Above all, recognize the enemy.

Lord you are our Refuge and Our Strength, may your mercy be upon us and may our prayers be heard. Help our focus to be on you during this difficult time and remain in one accord with you and the Church. To remember we are your hands and feet and to be of service to others. Drawing on humility first above everything.


We’re in this together,
Some in the beginning did say.
We took each day with news,
It got worse along the way.
The mask, sanitizer, stocked in hand,
shoo’d the sick away from somebody’s land
Days, months in,
And here we are,
Some us yelling
Lives matter, are you listening?
Where brother, sister, neighbor, friend,
defending the color of their skin.
Days, months in,
People Covid, comes with questioning
Will this nightmare ever end?
Looks taken within ourselves
Are we gonna make it count?
For there’s no time for sorrow,
Because only with Him +.
Is there even a tomorrow.


This post has been transpiring since March 3rd, but only now I sit and write.

The world has been struck a virus.  A deadly virus that was born in China and spread rapidly throughout the world (even though that’s under investigation of its origin). Each country receiving devastating results.  Hospitals past capacity, treating patients in tents outside as well. In the United States, it hit the State of Washington first.  Initially, this virus, called COVID19 (Corona virus), was informed as attacking the elderly and those who are immune suppressed.  As the world was showing, as days passed, the information started changing by the minute.  It now is known as attacking anyone.  No clear rule or definition. People surviving on ventilators.  Becoming very sick, near death without any underlying health issues. At this point, after almost 3 months, the world seems to be calming down from this virus.

Because of the rapid spread, the world was on quarantine, which happen to begin when Lent was still in effect.  Quarantine, by the way, is a Latin word meaning forty days of isolation.  Countries began to follow suit and forbid people to go out, only if medical attention or to buy food. The phrase “shelter in place” or “stay home” commonly used so that people understood staying home meant less spread of the virus.  This only drew up fear in some that the shopping frenzies began. People stormed to the grocery stores, big box stores, and bought out all the toilet paper, hand sanitizer, etc.  For weeks, people would crowd and stockpile items that didn’t have to be taken since the quarantine never meant you couldn’t go out to buy things when needed.

During the initial weeks, my husband and I were home, while Mom whom we care for, was with my sister.

The daily news fed stories on hospital workers, grocery workers, Amazon (on-line store) workers, “essential workers”, that were working around the clock trying to keep up with the demand. Everyday around three o’clock, the President would give a press conference with some medical professionals and scientists on what is being monitored, done to help, and future impact.

My husband who works for healthcare, was non stop busy from March 3 for a month.  There would be days that he didn’t leave the face of his computer. He was working around the clock along with his staff and the entire hospital.  All that they were working on came to a screeching halt because the focus turned to COVID19 and how the hospitals were responding. Extra facilities were being opened up to house the not so critical patients so that the hospital could deal with the high number of COVID19 patients.  Weeks of intense issues popping up everyday.  There was a moment in the late evening, husband still on a conference call, where I heard him say “hold on, my head is spinning.”  I felt helpless.

All I did while my husband worked away was prepare him meals and pray.  I prayed and prayed.  Along with all my family and friends. The world.  Out of our control.  And from my experiences due to my health, that was somewhat normal.

Then, we received news that we could no longer attend Church.  That due to the virus spread, we couldn’t by law be in a congregation setting.  Rules starting to dictate no more than 10 can be together. Keep six feet apart.  Wear a mask.  The virus was airborne and so everything that brought people together, could no longer. Sports, concerts, movie theaters, etc.

Initially, Ruben did all the shopping.  Due to my immune and not having a supply of masks, he would go and buy us what we need.  We bought food that we felt could last us some weeks.  Good in that, we don’t normally eat much on our own.

In the beginning of the quarantine, it felt like okay, this is what we have to do.  We’ll handle it!  So did our neighborhood and community.  We all felt like we will be at peace and have patience.  Tons of neighbors walking about.  For the most part, people were working from home too so you would see them out all hours of the day.

Then more orders from the government came.  Adding more weeks to the quarantine because states like New York and California were hitting devastating numbers of patients and deaths.

In the midst of monitoring the United States and the our impact, I was also seeing China and Italy.  They too had devastating cases, but then you saw that the virus had touched the whole world except for Antarctica.  India was and is still being hit harshly and it appears their government is only making it worse.

The month of March happened in a second.

April started to feel less strained and with holy week approaching, it felt like no other holy week. Again, none could attend Church and out of all weeks of the year, this is the week most attend. Not even explaining the loss of the Eucharist and how odd on so many levels it was, still is, not to receive.

Pope Francis called for prayer many times throughout.  The impact of his prayer and focus for all to watch on TV or live stream, I know for me, meant so much. There was a moment during a special prayer, where he upheld the monstrance outside of St Peter’s in a way that through the TV, struck my soul.  Tears abound.

Throughout April until now, our family dealt with trials in the midst of the pandemic.  Thanks to God not due to financial needs, but physical and mental health.  I felt like the need and call for prayer has intensified each week.  I’m sure we are not the only ones feeling this.

Easter brought hope!  Renewed faith.  The extra weeks of quarantine were coming to an end.  Stores were now showing a normal supply of stock.  Some exhale was beginning.

May 15th,  the date the State of Arizona ended quarantine. Restaurants, salons, shopping centers, all were allowed to open up but only with strict rules.  Wear a mask at some and others, your choice.  Stay 6 feet apart. Only so many allowed in a store at a time. Enter in one way, exit another. But hey, it’s better than nothing.

Then there became talk about wearing a mask.  Mask shows weakness.  Liberal agenda insisting on wearing a mask.  The most hilarious conversation on the use of a mask.  Yes, I wear my mask.  I still do. Did before and do now. Lupus will teach you that!

Three weeks out now, but now our world is addressing another virus. On May 26th, a police officer made a decision that has affected our focus once again. Look up George Floyd.  I will use another blog to address this event because it has caused me to unpack so many thoughts and feelings.

Don’t know if we will ever get back to normalcy. These last weeks all feel like one month.  My husband and I haven’t visited our families.  We miss them.  We miss doing ordinary things, but know we have a purpose and call to prayer to get us through. All that is happening is requiring us not to just think of ourselves, our country, but the world.  How much we are in need of each other.   It doesn’t end.  The reminders in various ways.  And throughout it all, the deep rooted biblical messages.  That too, I would like to dive into in another blog.

The chant in the beginning of the pandemic, “We’re all in this together!” I hope so.


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