Church Beauty

Amazingly enough, the Church where I married my husband is the same Church where I received all of my other Sacraments (Baptism, First Reconciliation, and First Holy Communion/Confirmation).  St Margaret’s in Tucson was also my Mom’s home parish since it was located in her neighborhood when she was a little girl.


This was my first introduction to Church.

I remember thinking it was so big and sometimes felt a little lost in the pews sitting/standing behind adults. There was organ music in celebration of the Mass and some times these opera singers, well not really but that’s the way I would describe their talent. I always thought they were coming from the sky. They were located upstairs and projected out towards the congregation.  I also remember having some fear when I would walk past the life-size statues in the niches outlining the altar. The statues were about my size so I always had this scary feeling they were going to come out and grab me.


I truly didn’t start to embrace the beauty of the Church until we went to Rome, Italy in 2006. Here is when I started seeing and feeling things differently!

In this section, I would like to share my appreciation of architecture, design, art, and history of parishes I’ve stepped into.